KFBox out


Screw base to adapt the foil Ketos to your thin board. Base for your board. You will have to reinforce your board.

New model 2018

holes for screws
delivery 1 to 2 weeks

Adaptable on most of the board with US rails on the market. 

Dimensions :

  • Width : 140 mm 
  • Length : 220 mm
  • Depth : 5 mm
  • Height of the box : 40 mm
  • Overall height : 45 mm

Distances between holes : 

  • ln the length : 165 mm
  • In the width : 90 mm
  • Diameter of the 4 holes  : for screws 6 mm or 8 mm (according to your selection)
  • Central hole diameter : 6,3 mm


We advise you to reinforce the holes to connect the hull and the deck to avoid crushing the board during tightening or to provide threaded inserts in the board.

Warning: your board must be reinforced longitudinally. Reinforcements will depend on the construction of your board.


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