Ketos front wing kitefoil FreeRAce
  • Ketos front wing kitefoil FreeRAce
  • Ketos front wing kitefoil FreeRAce 3/4
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  • Ketos front wing kitefoil FreeRAce

Kitefoil front wing FREERACE


Level : confirmed to Expert Rider

Program : Freerace, upwind, glide at high speed with pleasure of foiling, distance

The FreeRace wing has been designed to combine accessibility with speed.

Pure glide, a wing that accelerates progressively when you load the foil, progressive acceleration reassuring, a very smooth glide and maneuverability.

Felt covers and screws for the wing included

delivery 1 to 3 weeks

The FreeRace wing : accessibility, speed, glide, comfort, carving

Wind range for a 75 kg rider and a 12 m² wing : x knots and more (I'm waiting for your feedback)!

in accordance with our philosophy, it is primarily on accessibility that we have oriented the specifications of this wing

Adaptation is immediate, more comfort, more softness

With a simple push, it accelerates and acceleration is very natural, you will go faster without realizing it without forcing on your front leg. Easy air tack, good lift.  

Condition of this first test : 9-12 knot with slightly formed sea Race wing 11m  

Which Stabilo

With XS2, carving ++, speed, for expert rider

With S2 (soon available) speed++, carving(bigger curve than with the XS2), confirmed rider

Look: with its great lengthening, it looks like an albatross ..

KF 640-620

Data sheet

620 cm2,
Screws Center distance
72 mm,
Wind range
8 knots and more,
Confirmed, Expert,

Specific References

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