Sup Front Wing 1200
  • Sup Front Wing 1200
  • Sup Front Wing 1200
  • Sup Front Wing 1200
  • Sup Front Wing 1200

KiteFoil front wing 1200V2 Kool


Thanks to this new front-wing, offering a wide range of use, you will be able to ride almost every day, from 4 knots.

If you now want to fly in the lightest winds, scream upwind when everyone else flounders in the water, surf above the waves like your snowboarding endless powder, this wing is for you.

Program : Extra-Light Wind, LightWind, Waves, Pumping

Level : beginners to experts

Felt covers and screws for the wing included

in stock, one shipment per week

Extra lift, high manoeuvrability

Comfort in various weather conditions, at very low speed and increasing speed

very fast board planing, easy to fly


Perfect to learn and improve your transitions. It is not suitable for a jump practice.

Extended speed range

Vmax : approx. 20 knots

KETOS technology

Carbon, pre-preg

Which stabilizer with the 1200 Kool ?

You can use it with every KETOS stabilizers, but depending on your stab, the behaviour of your foil will change.

Stabilo Freeride 270-360 (SFR) : for beginners, quiet and comfortable navigation

Stabilo S2 : highly manoeuvrable, playful

Stabilo XS2 : freestyle practice

Stabilo L freeride : for Extra-Light Wind

Ongoing Development : stab Karver 280, extra in curve

Our Riders choice : S2 or Karver 280

For wake surf

Choose a large stabilo freeride or L Freeride for wake surf

Wake surf on lake ANNECY

KF 660-1200

Data sheet

1200 cm²,
600 mm,
Screws Center distance
72 mm,
Light Wind,
Wind range
4 knots and more,
Beginners, Confirmed, Intermediate, Expert,
Approx. Weight
895 g,

Specific References

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