• purple-green / green pad
  • Yellow - orange - orange pad

Kitefoil Board Pocket 118 - 2 colours


A super balanced board, lightweight, less than 3 kg, ideal for freestyle, responsive piloting, compact and light travel.
Airex Core, Carbon and Green Epoxy

Level : confirmed to expert

KETOS POCKET FOIL BOARDS ARE MADE FOR KETOS FOIL AoA, for other foil brands your feet would not be in the right place. 

Board delivered in a protective felt.

Footstraps are not included, but we can find them here

Colours of your choice in our range of colours : 

Colours of the pad : white, orange, blue, green, black

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
Edge protection
delay 3 weeks

Pocket Ketos Airex / carbon epoxy :

  • full carbon
  • inverted rails KFBox
  • inserts of FootStraps, in V Race and V Wave and straight
  • 6 screw included leash plug on deck
  • Anti-slip on deck, or EVA pad or Hexa traction RS pro

Available colors: transparent non-slip carbon bridge, logo matching the hull, hull Hard finish, white base unscreened 2 colors on request (green / blue) (Pink / Blue) (Red / Orange) ...

Footstraps are not included, but we can find them herewe have a large choice !

dimensions :

  • length 118cm
  • 46 cm with the spatula
  • 39 cm in the rear feet
  • thickness 20 mm

Stef: "The pocket: just great, size, scoop at the top, the touches are super soft, the pad is very comfortable"

Dorothee: "It's a good compromise between the 107 and the skim." 2kg600 at the weigh-in, including the pad, it is largely forgotten on the ground as in the water and my she has made me rediscover my foil by adding reactivity, a sensation under the feet very funky. And small cherry on the cake, colors always at the top that stick me to the skin !!! It's about Princess Jasmine is going to be jealous !!! "

Expert Use

We are talking about it : Chinook Leucate


Data sheet

118 cm,
Confirmed, Expert,
Approx. Weight
2,7 kg,
Carbon, Airex Core,
Largeur à la spatule
shorter width

Specific References


boards coloris disponibles

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