KiteFoil FreeRace


You would like to combine speed and accessibility  ?

The FreeRace is : 

Big Curves, excellent glide, an accessible speed, acceleration performances. Very good steering behaviour.

Faster than the Freeride foil, easy to reach 30 nots

Front wing
rear wing
waiting list 3 to 4 weeks

Containt :

  • 1 x Mast 100 RFx cm
  • 1 x Fuselage
  • 1 x front wing FreeRace
  • 1 x Stabilo  G10, S2

Accessibility and Speed

This foil is for all those looking for a fast and accessible foil, with speed, glide, curves.

A feeling of lightness, and better acceleration than the foil FreeRide.

In a speed program, a very nice set of free race glide, easier in accessibility than the Race2 wing

In a freestyle practice, in jumps, it is very easy to quickly raise the foil, the IMPULSE is facilitated

Acceleration even in daring figures

Steph Goffinet :
"I really felt the acceleration when I tried to make a 360 of the wing (the wing makes a complete turn around you), I still can not pass this trick but I have not never been so close to success thanks to the acceleration of the Free Race. With small stabs, she is very playful, so I also enjoyed this wing for the FreeStyle. It hangs well in curves and we do not feel stall. The wing really sticks well to its name and program. If I have to summarize it in 2 words it's PURE SLIDE "


Confirmed to expert stab S2 or G10


Specific References


entretien et réparation KETOS

Download (157.24k)

Assembly instructions 1

KETOS Foil assembly instructions

Download (1.58M)

Assembly instructions 2

KETOS Foil assembly instructions

Download (1.31M)

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