KiteFoil Wave Karving


The Wave foil is our most playful foil in the Ketos range. Made for those of you who are looking for a reactive foil and who wants to have fun in the waves, or in formed bump & jump conditions to combine very tight curves.

Front wing
rear wing
waiting list 1 to 3 weeks

containt :

  • 1 x Mast in 83, 90 cm or 100 cm
  • 1 x Fuselage
  • 1 x front wing Wave or Wave XL
  • 1 x Stabilo  G10, S2 or KARVER

With WAVE front wing  : Great Handling Perfect wing to have fun in great waves, or on the flat in tight curves. Its reactivity also makes it perfect for freestyle and will allow you to constantly push your limits. Its small surface is suitable for small and medium size riders (<70kg)

with WAVE XL front wing : The Wave XL foil is possibly the most user friendly foil in the Ketos range. Excellent take-off characteristics, high stability and manoeuvrability.


  • Intermediate to confirmed : Stab KARVER
  • Confirmed to expert : S2 or G10 to get more reactivity.

Specific References


entretien et réparation KETOS

Download (157.24k)

Assembly instructions 1

KETOS Foil assembly instructions

Download (1.58M)

Assembly instructions 2

KETOS Foil assembly instructions

Download (1.31M)

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